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Traveling Classes

Schedule Us!!!

Traveling Classes create more opportunities for us to work with you and the awesome kids in your life!

We are available to come to you for one time events, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly classes.  Each offering is 30-60 minutes. and can be any of our array of offerings: children's yoga, mindfulness and meditation, imagination and artistic expression, emotional wellness and more.  Contact us to discuss what type of offering you would like to create.

Ideas!  Get Creative!: Birthday Parties, Mommy playdate group at your home or community center, creating a class at a yoga studio, early childhood education center, library, gymnastics gym, spiritual center or healing collective, etc. - We can come to you!

Early Education: We love traveling to offer weekly children's yoga classes at preschools, daycares, in home centers ($30-40 per class)

Elementary, Jr. High, and High School: We love traveling to offer a one time yoga, meditation, concentration class utilizing the whole tree of yoga in one workshop to support the total wellness of your students ($45 per half hour; $75 per hour)

Contact info: (208) 850-9284 

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