Sleepy Little Bears

Here is a fun little breathwork and meditation exercise we did in class today; imagining we are bears, connecting to our bear experience and teaching our bodies to slowwwwww down and parasympathetic nervous system to turn on. This is very appropriate for young yogis, and we hope you enjoy!

Ready to Begin

Everyone lie down and pretend you are in a bear cave. When bears get ready to sleep for the winter, their hearts start beating really slow and they breathe very calmly so they can get ready for hibernation. Let your body and mind, all parts, melt into the cave, into the floor, now. Pretend you are sleeping, taking a winter nap. Take a giant breath in and out of your nose, slowly. Take another breath, imagining how soft and calm you can be. Continue taking slow deep breaths, in and out, in and out. Allow your mind to wander and your bear mind to imagine. Maybe you're imagining all the fun things you will do when you awaken in the spring. Maybe you're imagining climbing a tree to eat some honey, or catching some fish in the stream. Let yourself breathe slowly and imagine being in your bear experience. One more time, big bear breath in, and let it all out. One big breath in, and just let it all the way out.

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