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Earthstar Kids

Divine Expression of the SOUL
We dream, explore, create, guide and inspire SOULful experiences

Explore all aspects of life through yoga, earth wisdom, story, art, music, crystals, mindfulness & energy work.


What We Do

We offer classes, workshops, and experiences all around the Treasure Valley for children - newborns to adulthood.  These experiences are for the soul to divinely express itself and for the human body to ground into being present here on earth.  They are for supporting the growth of your child's total health and wellness: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, community, etc.  We specialize in all aspects of education, especially for the spiritual awakening, yogic lifestyle, multidimensional, highly sensitive, ascension crowds and niches. We call this umbrella we teach under Spirit Science, as it includes the study and exploration of Creation and Consciousness. 

This may include: creative expression, music and art, motor development, emotional wellness, meditation, children's yoga, energy work, exploring the subtle bodies, metaphysical mysteries, shamanism, imaginative play, creative expression, simply being, wild mind development, intuitive development, swimming lessons, underwater photography, mermaid adventures, and so much more...

How We Work


Want to see what classes we are offering?  Click on classes and register for one that is right for your child.


Want us to travel to you and teach at your school or education center?  Email us and we can create the right class for your place of education or children's activity center.

Enjoy one teacher in particular and want to look into them more and find all the places where they teach?  Click on guides and read about each one.

Want us to offer a specific class or private session for your children?  Email us and we will see what we can do or will connect you with others as best as we are able.


Want to join our team?  Email us with what you do and we will be thrilled to collaborate.  

Who We Are


We are a Cooperative style group of teachers and guides of children who serve under a Spirit Science umbrella.  We are located in the Treasure Valley of Idaho.  We are advocates for the self empowerment and self actualization of children from a young age.  We enjoy supporting children to show us who they are and to discover their vast gifts and talents.  We love helping facilitate experiences to open and expand perception, embrace the imagination, creatively express, and allow each individual's soul frequency to shine through.

We are lovers of life.

We are magnetizers of joy and play.

We are holistic educators.

We are cosmic space holders.

We are leaders.

What We Believe


We believe in the Divinity of All Beings.

We believe we are all Creators, simply doing our best in each moment of this plane.

We believe we are all equal players.

We believe in the inherent goodness of All Beings.

We believe we can always learn, grow and become MORE - someone we can love and accept more and more every day.

We believe in discovering the Cosmic Heartspace, how to enter this vortex, and how to remain here for the rest of our days.

We believe in allowing our Soul Frequency to flow through uninhibitedly.

We believe in Us.  We believe in You.

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